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For information on the Coronavirus outbreak please go to the page on coronavirus on NHS.UK or the information on

The NHS is now offering vaccinations to people who are most at risk from Covid-19. Read more information about the COVID-19 vaccine on Leeds CCG.

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Where to start if you are concerned about your child's talking

If you are concerned about an aspect of your child's communication, our CSLT Toolkit contains lots of advice and practical strategies that you can try at home to help. Follow the links below to find out where to start.

Where to start if your child isn't talking yet

Where to start if your child isn't using many words yet

Where to start if you're concerned about your child's speech sounds

Speech and Language Therapy screening tool

Our screening assessment tool uses pictures and tasks to help identify children who may have speech, language or communication difficulties. By completing the screen, you will know if the child would benefit from some extra support or whether they would meet the criteria for a referral to the Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service (CSLT).

To ensure you get the most out of screening tool, we have developed a video which talks you through completing the screen and provides you with some useful tips.

To access a copy of the screen, please fill in this request form below and email it to 

Screening tool request form

If you have any questions please contact our team on 01138433600.


We have an open referral system and you can access the services in the following ways. Before making a referral you should look at the Leeds Speech and Language Therapy Service Guidelines for Referral for Children Aged 0-19 years to make sure that your referral is the right one. 

Our referral guidelines can be located here.

Referral forms 


Parents/Carers - Please download the referral form here

Stammering support - Please download the referral form here

For professional use only

Professionals - Please download the referral form here

Communication Aids Service (CAS) - Please download the referral form here

Communications Aids Service (CAS) Pathway - Please download Exclusion/Inclusion matrix here

Deaf and Hearing Impairment Team - Please download the referral for here

Feeding/ swallowing difficulty - Please download the referral form here

Stammering support - Please download the referral form here


Tel: 0113 8433650


8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday

Attendance is by appointment only

All enquiries to:

Central CSLT Admin Team
Leeds Community Healthcare Headingley Park
Stockdale House
8 Victoria Road

As part of the response to the coronavirus, our service is offering phone and video consultations along with some face to face appointments. Children’s Speech and Language Therapy staff may be required to be redeployed to support with other NHS services for those who require urgent care. We are continuing to accept referrals and will offer support as soon as possible, we will phone you to discuss the options for you or your child’s care. While schools are closed we are not always able to support your child in school and may contact you to offer a phone or video consultation at home.

Service Downloads and Useful Links 

View all our resources here

What to do if you need to speak to someone urgently...