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COVID19 service update

In line with national guidance some ICAN services have been temporarily suspended to allow the re-deployment of staff to other essential services. In situations where appointments have been cancelled the children, young people and families have been contacted by the clinicians involved in their care. They have been placed on a waiting list and they will be contacted by the service once normal operation has resumed. No referrals have been rejected due to COVID-19 and sent back to the referrer.

Qualified staff have remained in ICAN to cover services which have been agreed as a priority, these include the child protection medical service and the rapid access clinics and those children and young people on the ICAN service caseload which we have prioritised as having urgent care needs. The service is also maintaining its statutory obligations to complete urgent Initial Health Assessments.

We are offering telephone advice to children, young people and their families and some consultations are being held either over the phone or by video calls. If absolutely necessary a face to face appointment may be offered to a child or young person. We are keen to support children, young people and their families through these tough times and would encourage any parents who are concerned about their child and feel they may need some advice to call the service.

We would like to reassure families that there are services across Leeds that remain open and systems are in place in hospitals and GP surgeries to ensure children, young people and their families are seen safely. 

Due to the current restrictions most of our appointments are telephone and video consultations. 

You may find the following website pages useful:

We also have the leaflet which you may find useful:

We are here to help children and young people with disabilities to achieve their goals by:

  1. Supporting the participation and inclusion of children, young people with disabilities and their families in everyday activities.

  2. Empowering children, young people and their families to self-manage conditions and feel in control of their care.

  3. Identifying and managing underlying impairments such as disabilities and illnesses to prevent or reduce secondary conditions.

  4. Promoting child wellbeing through safeguarding and healthy lifestyle support.

We do this by working with children and families to find out what goals they most want to achieve. We help to identify any underlying problems and give children and families the information they need to make choices about their care. We work with children, families and other people (such as other health workers, teachers and community workers) to identify the best way for children and young people to achieve their goals. This may involve direct intervention for the child, but may also include support and training for other people or changes to their environment or activities.

Who's it for?

Children and young people who have additional needs due to developmental delay or disorder.

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