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We are here to help children and young people with disabilities to achieve their goals by:

  1. Supporting the participation and inclusion of children, young people with disabilities and their families in everyday activities.

  2. Empowering children, young people and their families to self-manage conditions and feel in control of their care.

  3. Identifying and managing underlying impairments such as disabilities and illnesses to prevent or reduce secondary conditions.

  4. Promoting child wellbeing through safeguarding and healthy lifestyle support.

We do this by working with children and families to find out what goals they most want to achieve. We help to identify any underlying problems and give children and families the information they need to make choices about their care. We work with children, families and other people (such as other health workers, teachers and community workers) to identify the best way for children and young people to achieve their goals. This may involve direct intervention for the child, but may also include support and training for other people or changes to their environment or activities.

Who's it for?

Children and young people who have additional needs due to developmental delay or disorder.

ICAN Services


Audiological Medicine

Occupational Therapy 

Eye Service

Child Health Information


Community Paediatricians 

Adoption and Fostering 

Growth and Nutrition

Springfield Neonatal Follow Up Clinic

Paediatric Neurodisability Clinics

Community Paediatric Clinics 


Continuing Care Nursing and Short Breaks

Hannah House 

Inclusion Nursing

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