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Please note: This service continues to operate as normal during COVID-19.

We promote the health and wellbeing of children and young people with complex health, learning disability and additional needs who attend the Specialist Inclusion Learning Centres across the city.

We achieve this through working in partnership with children, young people, parents, carers, education and other professionals involved in their care.

Our aims are as follows:

  • To promote opportunities for children and young people to be involved in all aspects of school life
  • To work in partnership to support families where children are in need of protection
  • To assess the health needs of children and young people with care plans
  • To assess continence needs and action plans to promote continence
  • To provide support, advice and information on health issues to children, young people, parents, carers, education staff and other professionals
  • To provide training and mentorship to education staff, the voluntary sector, parents, carers, medical and nursing students
  • To provide care for children requiring nursing support during their school day
  • To promote healthy lifestyles within the home and school environment
  • Organisation of specialist clinics within specialist inclusive learning centres

Who's it for?

Children and young people aged 2-19 years old with special needs attending the Specialist Inclusion Centres and Partnerships citywide.


Please view the ICAN referrals page

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Lead Nurse Joanna Kellett

Tel: 0113 2771603 (Ext: 224) / 07944268563


Lead Nurse Jacqueline Beattie

Tel: 0113 2492431/ 07951290212

North West

Lead Nurse Michelle Maunder 

Tel: 0113 2785242 / 07939308622



Lead Nurse Sarah Cole

Tel: 0113 2244091/ 07944628421


Service Manager Lisa Mincke

Tel: 07940138108

Team Leader Inclusion Nursing Susan Carr

Tel: 07949861139


Please view the ICAN referrals page

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