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Our Paediatric Neurodisability Clinics are part of the ICAN (Integrated Children Additional Needs) service. We are led by a neurodisability paediatrician who specialises in the management of children and young people with disabilities resulting from congenital or acquired long-term neurodevelopmental conditions. 

We are a diverse team work alongside local GP’s, health visitors, school nurses and other community based health professionals.  We also work with local nurseries, school, social services and voluntary organisations such as Barbados and Children’s Centres.

Who's it for?

Our service is for children and young people up to the age of 19, who are registered with a Leeds GP, with suspected conditions associated with neurodisability including:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spina Bifida
  • Possible genetic condition/syndrome
  • Suspected autism (pre-school only)

We also see children where there are significant concerns around a child’s development

What we offer?

Our team works closely with families to help children develop and take part in everyday activities to the best of their abilities. 

During the clinic appointment we:

  • Talk to parents/carers and children to identify the primary areas of concern and make an assessment
  • Perform an examination of the child depending on the nature of the problem
  • Organise further investigations and tests such as blood and urine tests
  • Arrange for more specialist tests such as x-rays and scans where necessary
  • Provide a diagnosis and treatment management plan
  • Refer on to other clinicians who may be able to provide further or more appropriate support
  • Share information about your child with other professionals involved in their care, such as nursery staff, school staff and social care
  • For pre-school children with more complex difficulties we will arrange a team assessment when all therapy staff are present

We will discharge a child from our service when:

  • The treatment is completed or when parents are confident at managing the condition at home
  • Parents or carer request a discharge from our service
  • Appointments are not attended or are repeatedly cancelled


Please visit the ICAN referrals page

Tel: 0113 843 3620

Our teams operate our of the following bases: 

8:30am -5:00pm, Monday - Friday

ICAN West Hub

Wortley Beck Health Centre

Ring Road

Lower Wortley LS12 5SG

Tel: 0113 843 8000 

ICAN South Hub

St George’s Centre

St George’s Rd

Leeds LS10 4UZ

Tel: 0113 8432000 

ICAN East Hub

The Reginald Centre
Floor 1
263 Chapletown Road

Tel: 0113 843 5700

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