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We provide an early intervention and prevention service for children of parents who misuse drugs or alcohol or who are on a methadone or alcohol treatment programme. We also see babies whose mothers have taken prescription opiates (painkillers) during pregnancy.

Our aim is to identify and manage any health needs children may have related to the mother's drug or alcohol misuse. Families are supported and encouraged to attend together so that the best care can be offered for their babies. 

What we offer

Our service provides the following support:

  • Advice and reassurance about ongoing feeding difficulties, weaning, sleep and other queries 
  • Monitoring and management of growth and development
  • Completion of health needs assessments
  • Paediatric oversight for physical and emotional problems, with close liaison with our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). 
  • Identification and management of children who may go on to develop special educational needs and appropriate onward referral as required. 
  • Catch up immunisations, including hepatitis B
  • Testing for hepatitis C (for babies whose mothers test positive in pregnancy for hepatitis C or who may be at risk of infection), or other blood borne viruses
  • Identification and monitoring of child protection concerns
  • Coordinated care of each baby with their GP, health visitor and where appropriate Forward Leeds (substance abuse team) and relevant social worker
  • Carers will normally be asked to bring babies for appointments up until they are two years old - they may be discharged before that if the child and family are making good progress.
  • Specialist Health Visitor role to support with all the above and to liaise with other agencies and attend meetings as appropriate.


Referrals are from Forward Leeds, and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Midwifery Services or occasionally direct to us on tel: 0113 843 2000

Tel: 0113 8432000

We are a citywide service based at:

St George's Centre
St George's Road
LS10 4UZ

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