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How we can help 

PregnantPregnancy (by 34 weeks of pregnancy)

We will visit you at your home and discuss the support we can offer and see if there is anything we can help you with before your baby arrives. You’ll be given a personal child health record ('red book'). We’ll use this to record your child’s weight and height, vaccinations and other important information.

BabyWhen baby arrives (10-14 days following delivery)

We will visit you again at your home and share information around feeding, safe sleeping and caring for your baby. We’ll review your baby’s development and discuss how you’re feeling and any extra help you may need.

6-8 weeks6-8 week visit

We will visit you at home to discuss your baby’s development and wellbeing. We will listen to how you are all feeling physically and emotionally and share information on topics such as feeding, immunisations and settling your baby.

8-12 monthsAged 8-12 months and 2-2½ years

We offer developmental reviews for your baby/child at both these ages in a community setting such as a health centre or a children’s centre. We will talk to you about how your baby/child is growing and developing. We’ll share information about oral health, healthy eating, vision, hearing, language development and keeping your child safe. At the 2 – 2 ½ year development review we’ll also discuss good sleeping habits, toilet training, speech and communicating with others.

4-5 yearsAged 4-5 

We will take your child’s height and weight an undertake vision screening. Usually this will take place in your child’s school when they are in reception and you will receive a letter about it. Prior to your child starting primary school we will send you a questionnaire. It will ask questions about your child’s health to see if there is any support you or your child may need.

10-11 years wheelchairAged 10-11

For children in year 6 we will take your child’s weight and height in line with the National Child Measurement Programme. This will take place in your child’s school and you will receive information about it.

11-19 yearsAged 11-19

We will support your child in a range of ways: emotional health, weight management, healthy relationships ensuring those with long term illnesses and other needs get extra support when needed. We help young people throughout their school life to reach their full potential. 

19-25 yearsAged 19-25

We continue to support young people with additional needs up to the age of 25 and their families.

Extra help

Further support is also on hand for families when they need it, including breastfeeding, bed wetting, emotional difficulties, oral health, bereavement and bullying. We also work with local health and social care services to support families who have additional needs. Some examples include if your child has a special education need or disability (SEND), a medical condition or there may be concerns about the safety of your child. We will work to make sure your child is safe and get the services and care they need. 

Tel: 0113 843 5683


Our referral form, which is for use by professionals only can be downloaded here


Find out more about ChatHealth - providing a confidential text service for 11-19 year olds. 

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