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For information on the Coronavirus outbreak please go to the page on coronavirus on NHS.UK or the information on

The NHS is now offering vaccinations to people who are most at risk from Covid-19. Read more information about the COVID-19 vaccine on Leeds CCG.

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Oral Health Prevention Training

We deliver training for health professionals working with children and vulnerable adults, foster carers, schools on how to deliver key oral health messages to children, young people, families and vulnerable adults. The training adopts a facilitative approach looking at policy, guidance and practical issues. Training dates are available to book on to via Eventbrite, please follow the link for training in the professionals tab.

Tooth Brushing Scheme

We support the delivery of the tooth brushing scheme within identified schools and preschool settings in the city. This involves children of designated year groups being provided with toothbrushes and paste to use daily when in school and schools are directed how to support children to brush their teeth correctly. Quality assurance visits are completed twice a year to ensure infection control is maintained to a high standard.

General Dental Practices

We support general dental practices with their work with children and young people. This is done through newsletters, forums, information sharing and working in partnership to ensure children are able to access dentists for NHS treatment. A list of dentists accepting NHS patients is updated regularly and can be found on the resources tab.

Healthy schools

We deliver training within schools as part of the healthy schools offer and details of our training can be found on the Healthy schools training brochure.

We also work alongside healthy schools to support schools in the delivery of key oral health messages to children, young people and their families.

Epidemiology surveys

Our service supports the local dental epidemiology survey of identified groups to gain population data around the dental health and needs within the community. This information helps to inform service provision in local areas and identify areas of need.

Leeds Smiles

Health partners in Leeds pooled their resources to develop the Leeds Smiles campaign and website. Please follow the link.

It’s aimed at parents and carers of babies and very young children and gives lots of advice on keeping little mouths and newly emerging teeth healthy and then getting kids into good dental hygiene habits.

Download the Leeds Smiles Leaflet 

There’s some games to play and even a song to learn – view the Leeds Smiles website

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