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Below you can view our Top Ten Tips for Talking and our Language Pyramid, which have been developed with information from our Parent Universal Workshop. To accompany the animations, researchers in language development at the University of Leeds have compiled some of the evidence that supports our advice. We hope that by providing the science behind the tips, this information will help parents and practitioners to understand and remember the ideas, and put them into practice more easily. 

If you would like a copy of the supporting document of evidence please email Andrea Arnold at 

Introduction - The language development pyramid

Tip 1 - Get down to your child's level

Tip 2 - Comment on what you're both looking at

Tip 3 - Model words correctly

Tip 4 - Dummies

Tip 5 - Give choices

Tip 6 - Reduce screen time

Tip 7 - Share books and sing nursery rhymes

Tip 8 - Follow your child's lead in play

Tip 9 - Playing is fun

Tip 10 - Reduce questions

Full animation

What to do if you need to speak to someone urgently...