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Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

Online Group Classes

Below you will find lots of useful information for our online classes. 

Amy, our of our class facilitators, explains the step by step process of attending each session following  signing up and received your confirmation and instructions from our team. We look forward to seeing you soon!

About Our Live Online Classes

How does it all work?

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: to receive your invite and workbook to each class, you have to complete your questionnaires to register each week, at least 2 hours prior to the session starting. You will receive a text reminder 48 hours prior to the session starting to log into the questionnaire portal, and only on completing these will you be registered for your next session and be sent the invite and workbook. It is important that this is done a minimum of 2 hours prior to the session starting to be able to attend.

How do the classes help?

Are they suitable for me?

The answer is YES if …

More About the Questionnaires

These are nationally set questionnaires which we are required to gather as a mental health service. They look at very common symptoms of anxiety and low mood that we all experience form time to time. Please note that they do not indicate any mental illness. The questionnaires help us and yourself to monitor your progress throughout your treatment with us, and let us know if you benefit from the treatment and if you want require some more support. 

How is your data used?

LMWS work together and observe the NHS Code of Practice on confidentiality.   We work in the same way and use a single, secure, electronic patient records system which is approved nationally by NHS England. For attendees to our groups, we are required to create a treatment record in order for us to report to NHS England on how many people are accessing our service.  The reports only include statistics, for example about the numbers of patients attending, or the degree of symptoms reported by attendees. No information that could reveal a patients identity is used in any of these reports and your record on our system is closed once the workshop is finished (unless you go on to, or are already receiving further treatment with us). 

Your Safety 

It is very common to have distressing thoughts when feeling overwhelmed. One of the questions therefore asks about “thoughts to harm yourself or end your life”, which is just as common as all of the other symptoms listed. We require you to answer this question, so please do not leave it blank. We assume that all attendees are able to keep themselves safe and will not follow up on this question. If you would like to talk to somebody, please get in touch.

Having these thoughts is different from making plans or having intentions to act on them, and if you feel you may be at risk you can find sources of support at:

What to do if you need to speak to someone urgently...