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Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

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Do you know we now provide a range of workshops/classes, available to book directly without having to complete an assessment?

Online Therapy

We offer a range of online psycho-educational classes that you can access immediately and without completing an assessment. The following courses are available:

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Face-to-Face Classes - CURRENTLY CLOSED

Stress causes a wide range of psychological and physical problems such as:

The Stress Control courses delivered by the Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service are designed to help with these typical experiences. Each session runs for two hours, and are available during the day or evening, classes are delivered by qualified practitioners. Classes are designed to follow a self-help model aimed at enabling people to start to improve their wellbeing straight away.

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Our Talking Therapies

In addition to our online courses and citywide classes, we also have a range of other talking therapies that can be accessed 1:1, in groups and online.

Our talking therapies include:

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