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Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

Psychological Wellbeing & Diabetes

Important Information

All of our group classes are now running online, and how we monitor your progress is online too. You are required to complete a mood measure questionnaire prior to each session. You will receive a text reminder and link to the questionnaires 48 hours before your session starting. You must complete your online questionnaires at least 2 hours before each session of your group to receive an invite.  

Amy, our of our class facilitators, walks you through completing the questionnaires and joining the group online in this short video...

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Course Overview 

Being human can feel really difficult at times; sometimes this might be occasional days or in specific situations, but sometimes we can struggle for prolonged periods of time, and it feels like it is never ending. Receiving a diagnosis, or living with Diabetes can be an additional stressor that makes life even harder; and therefore, puts further strain on psychological wellbeing.

Everyone’s experience of life is unique to them, in the same way that living with Diabetes is a unique experience. However, we can say that the experience of being human and the emotions we feel are often similar; and we can use evidence-based information and techniques to start to manage the difficult emotions in an individualised way.

The Classes

Week one: Introduction to Diabetes and Psychological Wellbeing

An introduction to the course: There will be time for personal reflection on how Diabetes impacts Psychological Wellbeing and how Psychological Wellbeing impacts the management of Diabetes. We will look at stress and also introduce the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; we will look at how we get trapped in vicious cycles, and start the process of understanding what we can do to break the cycle. In week one, we will also look at a principle that can help with motivation for change.

Week two: Physical Symptoms and Relaxation

This week we will look at the physical symptoms of stress; anxiety & depression. We will then discuss the overlap of physical symptoms triggered by psychological stressors, and the physical symptoms that can be triggered by Diabetes. We will then introduce breathing and relaxation exercises; and talk about sleep and diet from a psychological wellbeing perspective.

Week three: Behaviour and Motivation

This week focuses on understanding how behaviour affects the vicious cycle. We will introduce you to techniques that will start to change unhelpful behaviours, and how we can increase motivation. 

Week four: Worry and Rumination

This week we turn our attention to worry and rumination. We will look at how to identify when we are worrying and ruminating, and how we can learn how to manage this. We will then practice re-focusing and learn how to stay in the present moment.

Week five: Identifying and Challenging Thoughts

This week focuses on thoughts. We will explore negative thoughts related to diabetes, and identify some unhelpful thinking habits we might be falling into. ​We will then use a technique called ‘Cognitive Restructuring’ to help challenge these negative thoughts.

Week six: How to maintain change and manage setbacks

In the final session of the course we will recap on each session and the techniques we have learnt so far. ​We will discuss how to maintain change and prevent a setback. ​

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Psychological Wellbeing & Diabetes Course (30th Sept - 4th Nov)

Event starts: 30th Sep 2021 10:00am

Event ends: 4th Nov 2021 11:30am

These classes are held online.

Classes will run every Thursday morning from 10-11.30am for 5 weeks. Information on how the groups work, instructions for attending, and the class content can be found above. Please do not book onto multiple groups as you will only be able to attend one.

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