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COVID-19 service update:

It has come to light that when care was interrupted due to COVID 19,  there was some confusion as to how to access the MSK service in the future.

If you had your care interrupted or were awaiting a first appointment please be assured that the service will contact you when routine appointments resume.

If you are concerned regarding a deterioration in your MSK symptoms and would like a telephone/video consultation please ring 01937 522864 or email 

The Musculoskeletal (MSK) system is the muscles and skeleton which give us the ability to move. An individual's MSK system provides form, support, stability, and movement.

We provide assessment and treatment for routine and specialist MSK conditions and injuries in adults. Any imbalance or injury in the body's muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments or nerves can disrupt the whole MSK system and prevent it from functioning correctlyMusculoskeletal rehabilitation aims to restore any imbalance in the MSK system, restoring previous levels of function and allowing the patient to return to previous levels of activity.

Our physiotherapists and MSK Consultants use the latest approaches to musculoskeletal problems for patients of all ages and with a wide range of needs. All our clinicians work together to make sure a patient's rehabilitation follows the best course possible. They may need treatment from one or more experts and manual therapy, exercise, injections, investigations or advice and education to promote self management of a long term condition.


We can offer a wide range of treatments :

  • Bio-mechanical assessment of movement

  • Neurodynamic rehabilitation        

  • Individual exercise programmes and group exercise classes

  • Peripheral injection         

  • Manipulation and mobilisation

  • Core stability, stretching and strengthening

  • Postural/ergonomic advice and education

  • Soft tissue release

  • Strapping and taping

  • Acupuncture (only for certain MSK conditions)

Sports Physiotherapy

We have a long history of successfully assessing and treating a variety of sports injuries. Whether you are an occasional runner who has recently developed problems or a more serious athlete with long-standing aches and pains, our team will complete a bio-mechanical assessment. Based on this assessment, the patient will be prescribed a treatment program to address their problem.

Spinal Treatment 

Patients with back or neck problems can be referred into the spinal treatment service. If you need an appointment for assessment or treatment you will be sent instructions on how to book into a relevant clinic:

  • A spinal physiotherapy clinic where a physiotherapist will assess your needs and draw up a treatment/management plan with you.

  • A specialist spinal assessment clinic where a senior clinician will assess your needs and draw up a treatment/management plan with you. If a scan or x-ray is required as part of your care this will be arranged and the team has access to a range of spinal specialists if necessary.


We only accept referrals from Leeds GPs , advanced nurse practitioners or first contact physiotherapy practitioners.

If you have an MSK condition and feel you would benefit from the care and support of our service, please discuss a Leeds MSK referral with your GP.

If you are a GP looking for information please access Leeds Health Pathways

Tel: 01937 522864

7:30am – 5:00pm for information and enquiries.
Most hubsites are open from 8:00am – 6:00pm

We operate a citywide service over 30 sites - attendance is by pre-arranged appointment only. 

For routine enquiries about appointments
East Virtual Line: 0113 8431909
West Virtual Line: 0113 8430250

Patient Experience

If you have any comments or feedback regarding our service please follow this link.

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