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For information on the Coronavirus outbreak please go to the page on coronavirus on NHS.UK or the information on

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The Health and Social Care Act 2008 states that all registered providers must provide adequate infection prevention and control arrangements. This will ensure residents are cared for in a safe and clean environment where the risks of healthcare associated infections are minimised. 


QNational Advice

National cleanliness standards are explained in the document below. It dates from 2010, however the guidance is still current. Read this as a starting point and use the links below for detailed explanations. 

QInfluenza Outbreaks

Notify all influenza outbreaks to Public Health England: 0113 3860300   

Out of hours advice: 0114 3049843


QAudit Tools

QCare in the last days of life

Infection Prevention and Control Team

Tel: 0113 843 4511

Please note that due to the due to the COVID-19 outbreak the team will not be able to respond to all questions or may be much slower to respond. Thank you for your understanding. 


Please as soon as possible liaise with the local Public Health England centre as soon as possible via 0113 386 0300 (out of Hours 0114 3049843) if:

  • you suspect or have a COVID-19 outbreak (2 or more affected staff or residents)


    • your care home does not have  a  current COVID19 outbreak but  you have a single suspected or confirmed COVID19 staff or resident

    What to do if you need to speak to someone urgently...