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We are currently recruiting young people aged between 14 -19 to join the Youth Board.

What we do

The Youth Board has monthly meetings where we discuss upcoming opportunities to be a part of. Some examples would be:

  • Staff recruitment interviews – youth board members would be on the interview panel and give their thought from a young person’s perspective.
  • Charity work and fundraisers – we have raised money for local charities that mean a lot to the trust, such as Hannah House.
  • Planning events
  • Give young people the opportunity to share their ideas on topics that matter to them.

You can be involved as much or as little as you like! We try to keep a relaxed, friendly environment.

Why join?

This is a fantastic opportunity for young people in Leeds to influence key NHS priorities across the city, whilst gaining new skills and a competitive edge for their CVs.

Current youth board member, Caitlin, 17, said “I initially joined to be involved in the NHS as I’m aspiring to have a future career in paediatrics. After joining, my confidence quickly grew, and would encourage others to get involved.”

Madison, 16, also said “I felt very welcomed into the youth board community and could do whatever I was comfortable with, and I became at ease with public speaking as well as sharing my opinions/ideas.”

Click the video below to watch Caitlin and Haris talk about what the youth board is, the youth board meetings and their favourite thing they have done as part of the youth board.


For more information about the youth board contact:

Chris Lake via email: or by phone: 07985 267 740

Amanda Jackson via email: or by phone: 07519 070 321

What to do if you need to speak to someone urgently...