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Introducing our new Inclusion Coordinators to support efforts to combat health Inequalities.

The Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service (LMWS) has introduced 3 new Inclusion Coordinators as part of plans to improve mental health access in Leeds. 

In the newly created Inclusion Coordinators roles, the team made up of Ripaljeet Kaur, Clare Powell and Sofia Scott, will be working to implement the Service’ new Health Equity Action Plan which was unveiled in October 2023. 

Reporting directly to the Strategic Equalities Lead at LMWS, the team hopes to help communities in a coordinated effort, like never before.

Nick Burdett, Strategic Lead at LMWS said: 

Having a team of Inclusion Coordinators demonstrates a big commitment from LMWS in supporting our efforts towards improving health equity for all communities within Leeds. Each of the new team brings a wealth of experience working within mental health and wellbeing related services and demonstrate a real passion for supporting those who face health inequalities, for whatever reason. I’m looking forward to working together to deliver an ambitious, but much needed, Health Equity Action Plan for the service, and the people of Leeds.

The team comprises of: 

Clare Powell, who has worked in community based mental health and wellbeing for 6 years as both a front-line worker and a line manager.  Clare will be making sure that the LMWS workforce is well trained in equality, diversity and inclusion and the service is representative of the communities it serves. 

Sofia Scott will be focusing on developing a leadership and service wide culture that focuses on tackling health inequalities. 

She has had several varied jobs whilst at Touchstone, inclusive of Co-production Lead within the Complex Rehab Project and Peer Recovery Support Worker and Co-production Lead Coordinator, within CREST (Community Rehabilitation Enhanced Support Team).

Ripaljeet Kaur comes into the role with over 16 years of experience advocating for equity for the people from ethnically diverse communities including older people, people living with dementia, unpaid carers and people with mental health diagnosis. also manage BME Dementia Service at Touchstone. 

Ripaljeet has also worked as Interim Strategic Equalities Lead for 7 months and co-produced the Health Equity Action plan for LMWS.

Within the role, she will be leading on Service Delivery: Identifying the barriers that prevent service users from accessing or engaging with our services.

Ripaljeet, speaking on behalf of the team said: 

“Our commitment to tackling health inequalities within LMWS is unwavering, as we strive to ensure equal access and support for individuals from all backgrounds, addressing disparities and promoting mental well-being for all. Through targeted outreach, culturally sensitive approaches, and tailored interventions, we aim to bridge the gap and provide equitable mental health services to those who need it most.” 

To read a summary of the Health Equity Action Plan, click on the link below: 

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust - Health Equity Action Plan


For further information or reach the Inclusion team, email:

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