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Welcome to Wharfedale Recovery Hub

Our Wharfedale Recovery Hub provides assessment and rehabilitation for your ongoing needs following a hospital stay to enable you to regain independence to return home at the earliest opportunity. Your care will be based on either the Heather or Bilberry unit and we will assess your rehabilitation needs in partnership with you and understanding your personal goals for successful rehabilitation. Care will be provided by therapists, nurses, support workers and doctors where necessary.


Visiting is encouraged at the Wharfedale Recovery Hub. Visiting times are 11:00am – 7:00pm.

To keep everyone safe please follow these principles when doing so:

  • You must not have any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other infection when visiting.
  • Always wear a fluid resistant surgical mask, this includes when entering and moving through healthcare spaces. If you are medically exempt from mask wearing, we will need to see evidence of this.
  • You must use alcohol gel before and after attending Heather or Bilberry.
  • Patients who are COVID positive may be allowed visitors following a risk assessment by the Matron or clinical lead, with established COVID-safety measures in place.
  • Each patient is welcome to have visitors during visiting time.
  • Patients at the end of life will be allowed visitors. The number of visitors at any one time will be agreed with the healthcare team and visiting hours may be adapted in these circumstances.
  • Essential care givers can attend at any time.
  • We will support visiting outside of these hours on an individual basis where necessary, please just talk to us about this.

Contact us


Wharfedale Recovery Hub Reception - 0113 3921525

Bilberry Nursing Office - 0113 3921533

Heather Nursing Office - 0113 3921721


You will be referred by a health professional if required.

How to find the ward


Wharfedale Hospital Newall Carr Road, Otley LS21 2LY

The wards are located on the second floor of the hospital.

What to do if you need to speak to someone urgently...