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Neighbourhood Teams

neighbourhood-1The people of Leeds, patients, their carers and our staff told us what they want from a Neighbourhood Team (NT):

So, it’s simple really; care is wrapped around the person at the centre. Removing the boundaries that buildings or professional disciplines can create. NTs do this by:

  • Working in partnership with other organisations. We make sure people have the right support, at the right time, in the right place by the right person.
  • Providing patient centred health and social care in the community - that is both clinically and cost effective.
  • Starting with the individual. We want patients to maximise their potential. If they have complex needs we work with partner organisations to provide support. This means care is seamless and patients don’t have to repeat their story.
  • Being clear as a team. Clear on our roles, skills and the experience we bring. We are also clear on the roles of our colleagues. We meet regularly; have shared goals for our patients and performance targets. We tackle challenges together.
  • Knowing the local community and working with patients to live healthy and active lives.
  • Supporting people to remain in their own homes and live as independently as possible with the best quality of life and living conditions.
  • Giving patients the information, advice and tools they need to help themselves.
  • Promoting self-management to restore confidence and reduce hospital admissions, professional visits and dependency on medication.

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