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Infant Mental Health Service

The field of Infant Mental Health has grown dramatically over the past few decades and its increasing importance is now widely accepted.

This is due in part to the supporting evidence in babies’ neurological development that demonstrates how crucial early childhood experiences and the vital role of caregiving relationships are in shaping babies’ brains. Secure attachment relationships have a positive effect on babies emotional and social well-being and development. Where there are concerns in the attachment relationship, early intervention is vital in reducing the risk of developing mental health problems in later life.

The Infant Mental Health Service (IMHS) is a commissioned city-wide service working with families ante-natally and with infants up to 2 years of age where there are serious concerns about the attachment relationship. We are a multi-disciplinary team and offer training, face-to-face and telephone consultation, joint visits and direct work with those families with an identified need for higher level therapeutic intervention.


Please contact the IMH Service prior to making a referral to discuss the case in more detail. We accept referrals from Midwives, Health Visitors, Family Nurses (Family Nurse Partnership), General Practitioners and CAMHS practitioners, for people living in Leeds. We do not accept self-referrals.


Infant Mental Health: Babies, Brains and Bonding

The 'Infant Mental Health: Babies, Brains and Bonding' one-day workshop is designed to deliver up-to-date information on infant neurodevelopment, attachment theory and promoting responsiveness and sensitivity in parents.   The aim is to support practitioners in their work with families in giving babies the best possible start in life. The format of the training provides both a theoretical knowledge base and a space for managers and practitioners to consider application of this in practice.  Contact us for more information.

Supporting parents to understand their baby: applying attachment theory

This is a one-day workshop for practitioners working with families and caring for infants and supports the ‘Understanding Your Baby’ booklet offered to all families with a new baby as universal provision by Health Visitors. The ‘Understanding Your Baby’ booklet can be purchased from Harlow Printing Limited www.harlowprinting.co.uk  To book on this course please click here

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