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COVID19 service update

Any urgent patients are currently being offered care and advice by telephone or video consultation.
Patients who require urgent face to face care will be seen by Neighbourhood Teams where appropriate. Service users who are not receiving urgent care have been advised that the service is currently on hold and will be notified when full service resumes.

We provide specialist assessment, treatment and advice to older people, aged 60 and above, in their own homes or in a community setting, to reduce the risk of falling and to maintain safety and independence.

What we offer

Our experienced team of specialist physiotherapists and occupational therapists, with support from therapy technical instructors, deliver a falls service in the community able to:

  • Provide specialist falls risk assessments to people aged 60 and above who are likely to be frail, have complex presentations/multi-pathologies and therefore at higher risk of falls.
  • Provide a timely and responsive service that helps to maintain older people in the community and help to prevent avoidable, unnecessary admission to hospital or premature admission into long-term care
  • Provide specialist physiotherapy and occupational therapy interventions aiming to reduce the risk of future falls and fear of falling - this may include onward referral to other services as required
  • Identify changes in the patient’s functional status and confidence during the service’s intervention by use of clinical assessment tools and outcome measures
  • Provide specialist falls advice and support to other community health and social care professionals.
  • Provide education to community health and social care professionals and services in collaboration with other health care teams.

Who's it for?

The service is for older people:

  • Usually aged 60 and above, who are registered with a Leeds GP and identified as being at high risk of falling.
  • Identified as being complex falls patients requiring the specialist assessment, skills and input of the team.


If a person is currently under the care of a Leeds Community Healthcare Neighbourhood Team, then the Neighbourhood Team should be contacted in the first instance to complete a falls risk assessment and any relevant interventions. If not, the person should contact their GP to discuss their needs further. The GP can then make a referral if deemed appropriate.

Please note that the Community Falls Service is not a rapid response service. For patients who require urgent assessment and/or short-term daily support at home with activities of daily living, referrals can be made by the person’s GP to the Neighbourhood Team.

Healthcare professionals in Leeds should refer to Leeds Health Pathways for further information on the referral process and referral form.

Leeds Community Falls Service

Tel: 0113 843 5510

 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Yeadon Health Centre
17 South View Road
LS19 7PS

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