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Thank You Event 2023: Team of the Year - Highly Commended

Every year we celebrate our amazing staff and their achievements at our Thank You ceremony. Board members will surprise colleagues at their bases and present them with a hamper, balloons and a certificate for being shining examples of our magnificent staff behaviours.

Team of the Year – Highly Commended

Night Service

The 24/7 Night Service provide one to one end of life care to patient across Leeds to enable patients to achieve their preferred place of death, prevent unnecessary hospital admissions overnight by supporting virtual ward frailty patients. They take direct calls from the Emergency department (ED) and enable patients to come home, instead of going into hospital and visit multiple houses overnight to deliver crisis call when families feel alone and have hit crisis point. The team are always looking for ways to improve as a service, innovate and look forwards to improve the service for both staff and patients.

The Night Service are the Highly Commended Team of the Year at our Thank You Event 2023

The team lead with compassion and care, listen to one another and encourage the development of staff. They work together exceptionally by sharing learning, allowing shadow opportunities and having buddy systems in place for new starters. They also have wellbeing champions dog walks, seasonal competitions, quizzes, equality and diversity meetings.

The team demonstrates all the Trust values and recently received ‘Outstanding’ as a service overall following a quality walk.

The team was surprised at Killingbeck Court by Executive Director of Operations, Sam Prince who awarded them a certificate and hamper and said, "This team is so important. I have had personal contact with the Night Service and I can't sing your praises enough. You are an absolutely fantastic team, absolutely essential to patients, carers and this system. The system just would not operate without your service, it is one of the key fundamental services."

The Night Service was nominated by the leadership team (Gemma Cannon, Clinical Service Manager, Sam Clayton, Clinical Lead, and Janine Ledger, Operation Lead). They added in their nomination, “We go unnoticed in the shadows, like owls in the night, we come quietly and leave the same way but the impact we have in between is anything but quiet. Working overnight comes with its own challenges; the 4am lull when your body wants nothing more than to sleep, sleeping during the day when the sun is shining, however the real magic that makes this service work is the staff; without them we would not have a service, let alone an outstanding one. Not only do staff go above and beyond for patients and families but also for each other and without the team working together, supporting each other, we would not be able to deliver the outstanding service we do, and we are proud to work alongside them.”

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