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Thank You Event 2022: Kate Granger Patient Care Award- Highly Commended

Every year we celebrate our amazing staff and their achievements at our pop-up Thank You ceremony. Board members will pop into video meetings to surprise colleagues and present them with a hamper for being shining examples of our magnificent staff behaviours.

Maxine Bound, Community Staff Nurse has been highly commended for our Kate Granger Patient Care Award.

Kate Granger Patient Care Award – Highly Commended

Maxine Bound is a Community Staff Nurse in the Armley Neighbourhood Team who always maintains excellent patient care, the visions and values of the Trust and the Six Cs of the Nursing and Midwifery Council. She is a compassionate, genuine nurse who cares deeply about her patients. Whether it's someone who has been receiving care for years or someone who is having fleeting visits or treatment; she gives them all her full attention and care.

Maxine was nominated by Community Staff Nurse, Dan Burton who said, “When I joined the Community Trust in 2017 I had worked in a hospital setting for two years. Maxine helped me settle in and she taught me it is a real privilege to care for people in their own homes, a place that is special to them, where they feel safe and most comfortable and as a professional walking into that environment, the nurse should always remember where they are and treat that home with great respect.

“When dealing with a young palliative gentleman and his family, who were all struggling to come to terms with his prognosis, she helped with his care by maintaining a professional, dedicated, and compassionate relationship with both the patient and his family. She encouraged him to see things he could be thankful for and offered professional comfort and counsel. Her positive attitude helped him to see that he could live every moment he had left and, as a result, he decided to marry his partner of 10 years a in a small ceremony surrounded by his family – something he had regretted not having done.

“She is the kind of nurse who I would be happy to have look after any of my relatives or in fact myself! That’s why I feel it's important to recognise the work of a hardworking, committed, compassionate nurse like Maxine, who has worked tirelessly for the Trust, for many years, always maintaining these high standards of care and behaving as a role model, not only for the Trust but for the nursing profession itself.”

Thea Stein, Chief Executive, and Bryan Machin, Executive Director of Finance and Resources, popped into her Microsoft Teams meeting to commend Maxine and present her with the award. Thea said, "This nomination was such a pleasure to read. I think its so important, we know how much pressure the Neighbourhood Teams are under, we know how hard you have worked for two years and how hard you always work. The work of a committed nurse is often unseen, day in, day out, in and out of people’s homes. Your colleague Dan wrote about the work you did with one patient in particular, and how inspirational the care you gave to him and his family was and it’s just one example. It’s a huge pleasure to give you this award, amazing teams get inspired by amazing people who are part of that team.”

Maxine said, “I’m absolutely speechless, which isn’t like me! Thank you so much but it isn’t just, me it’s everybody. We’re one big team and we wouldn’t be able to work without each and every one of us.”


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