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Occupational Therapy Week 2017


Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust has supported Occupational Therapy Week 2017 (#OTWeek2017) with a host of activity across the city.

The week has been running from Monday 6 November to Sunday 12 November and has sought to promote Occupational Therapy to the public.

On Wednesday, staff ran a popular interactive stall about the services Occupational Therapists can offer at Kirkgate Market in Leeds. Leeds Community Healthcare staff have also been encouraged to tell us what being an Occupational Therapist means to them with selfie boards posted on social media.


Meanwhile Occupational Therapists from across the city came together at a PAN Leeds 'Inspiring Change' event on Thursday morning.

Who are Occupational Therapists?

Occupational Therapists provide care to patients in their own homes, residential homes or in designated community bed bases. They work in partnership with them to identify personal treatment goals and help them begin to complete the daily activities or ‘occupations’ that matter to them.

Every week you will complete hundreds of activities without batting an eye, but for many patients gaining the skills, strength or education to feed themselves again, get dressed, or take a bath, is an important step to enable them to participate in daily life.

Below are more real-life examples:

"I want to get back to my gardening but I'm in a lot of pain" An OT can help with pain management techniques and pace the activity for your comfort
"I feel isolated from my community after being in hospital" An OT can get you in touch with local social groups that share your interests and increase your confidence.
"I'm struggling to cope with the emotional side of my illness" An OT can explore your emotions with you, teach you relaxation techniques and get you back to what you enjoy
"I find it hard to use the bath because of my arthritis"  An OT can teach you techniques to help with your transfers to promote your independence and safety including providing equipment if needed
"I'm also so tired - I can't motivate myself to do anything" An OT can advise you on how to conserve your energy throughout your day and help develop a routine to best utilise your energy levels
"My memory is not as good as it used to be" An OT can help you develop strategies to prompt you to remember your daily routine

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