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Palliative Care

If you have been told your health may not improve or you have a life limiting illness, you may be offered palliative care. The healthcare professionals caring for you will offer to talk to you (and anyone else you would like to be involved) about what this means for you.

VictoriaJoanAt Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust palliative and end of life care is provided by our Neighbourhood Teams and our primary aim is to ensure that, patients' wishes are met wherever possible.

Neighbourhood Teams are supported by Neighbourhood Palliative Care Leads (NPCL) to deliver palliative and end of life care that is safe, effective and reflects patients’ wishes, enabling them to be cared for in their preferred place of care and/or death wherever possible. These senior nurses are experienced in community nursing and provide a high level of palliative care expertise within Neighbourhood Teams seven days a week. Palliative Care Discharge Facilitators also support Neighbourhood Teams by attending care planning meetings to co-ordinate a safe transfer of care, for example from hospital to a patient’s preferred place of care.

Care is delivered 24 hours a day by clinicians across Leeds and provided by a multidisciplinary team including therapy, nursing and support staff. This includes our Neighbourhood Night Service who operate from 9.30pm to 7am seven days per week to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and to support patients with palliative care needs in their own homes, where this is their preference. Some patients may also receive support from specialist palliative care services from a hospice.

The level of care provided to our patients is outlined in our Service Delivery Framework, which describes how support from Neighbourhood Teams can range from one visit per week, to one or more visits per day, plus support at night at the end of life. This all depends on a patient’s individual needs.

LCH also has a team of End of Life Care Facilitators who support staff working in care homes. The team provides training and education and can offer clinical support where needed.


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