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Safe Clean Care and PLACE

Safe and Clean Care and PLACE (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment)

The trust’s initiative called ‘Safe and Clean Care’ has been running successfully since 2013. This project was set up on the back of the mandatory Patient Led Assessment of Care Environment (PLACE) assessments. ‘Safe and Clean Care’ sees members take part in an internal assessment of our health centres, making sure that our patient environments are of the highest standard. The group is Led by Dave Hall and the Infection Prevention and Control Team. Once the assessments are complete an appropriate action plan is put into place and is also sent to senior management teams and committees in the organisation. Members of the group have said ‘The staff running the visit didn’t try to steer the members, it was a broad assessment, transparent with no agenda ‘and  ‘They are well-planned, organised and effective with the opportunity for each participant’s voice to be heard’

The Safe and Clean Care Team have even been recognised in the industry for their efforts when in 2014 they were shortlisted for a Nursing Times award in the Infection Prevention and Control category. Although they didn’t win the category but that didn’t affect their enjoyment of the event Mark, public member said: “The highlight of the evening was seeing committed, hardworking nurses being rewarded for their initiatives... we don’t want an NHS unable to reward its staff, encourage new ideas and the involvement of volunteers’

Patient Led Assessment of Care Environment (PLACE) is required scheme set up by the Department of Health. For more information on this visit their website

Safe and Clean Care is a voluntary scheme set up by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust.