Working Together

How to get involved

You can get involved in Leeds Community Healthcare by:

  • Answering surveys and questionnaires.
  • Taking part in recruitment assessment panels of new staff.
  • Attending one of our member talks and even suggest topics that might of interest to you and other members.
  • Sharing your experience of being a patient to support the learning of clinical and senior management teams by letting us know what services you use. These can then be used as part of team development sessions, new staff induction and for senior management team and board meetings
  • Supporting patients in giving feedback.
  • Joining our Charity Development Group which is open to patients, carers, public members and staff. The Charity Development Group assesses applications we receive for funding from the charity, the money we spend and the direction we take.
  • You can also take part in helping us ensure our health centres are accessible, safe and clean, for more information please click here.

Membership update: Feburary 2018

We are no longer in the pipeline to become a Foundation Trust, but we are keen to continue working with you on how we can provide even better care.

People can still become a member of LCH. Membership is free and we will email you our latest news and involvement opportunities, and provide information about focus groups and events you can attend. We’ll also let you know how you can give your feedback about existing and future community health services.

If you would like to become a member please click here.