Working Together

To achieve our vision of ‘delivering the best possible care to every community in Leeds’ we work with our patients, carers and members of the public.

This is done through services’ own involvement plans, our Friends of LCH database and wider external / city-wide engagement with patients, carers, the public and other partners.

At Leeds Community Healthcare there is a clear belief that public engagement is critical to the desired culture of the Trust – one of real and meaningful engagement where people can make a difference and shape the future of services provided by Leeds Community Healthcare.

Our methodology for involvement focuses on the feedback cycle. Involvement must include each of the four parts of the feedback cycle. If any one part of this cycle is missing, the trust of people involved will be compromised. Feeding back the results of involvement is done directly with the people involved, through involvement noticeboards in clinics / health centres and made publicly available on our social media.



There are ranges of ways you can get involved here at Leeds Community Healthcare, you can speak to your services and find out how you can get involved directly with the service you use, or you can sign up using our Friends of LCH form, which will enable you to get involved with your service and in other organisational involvement activities.  

So join us we need people, just like you to get involved and be active in community healthcare.