The Thank You Event: Day Two


The Thank You Event 2016 is now underway! Our Senior Team will be visiting bases across the Trust all week saying ‘thank you’ to teams and colleagues judged to be shining examples of our magnificent staff behaviours.

Patient Care Highly Commended: CICU

IMG_1369Day two of our Thank You Event has taken us to St James’ Hospital and the Community Intermediate Care Unit (CICU), a 24-bed adult inpatient unit helping to stop admissions into hospital and providing rehabilitation. Sarah Cottier works there as a sister and nominated her fabulous colleagues for a Patient Care Award for helping to improve patient care.

After posing for photos with Chief Executive Thea Stein and Chair Neil Franklin, she told us, “In order to further improve the care of adults in the unit, our team has worked hard to embed a safety culture by introducing daily safety briefings and a better education programme making sure all staff are competent in the reduction of pressure ulcers and falls. All staff are becoming more competent in documentation, and we’ve also introduced a monthly audit.

“We all challenge each other, there’s good communication and everybody takes part. Rhian is also a really good leader!”

Standing next to Sarah, unit manager Rhian Wheater responded, “Without the hard work of everyone in the team we wouldn’t have succeeded, so a big thank you to you all!”

Leader of the Year Highly Commended: Nina Davies

8CED66EA-89E5-4912-9618-E75111CAD7B7It was smiles all round this lunchtime, as Director of Finance Bryan Machin and Chair Neil Franklin interrupted a cleverly orchestrated podiatry lunch.

Our lucky recipient was Nina Davies, Biomechanics Specialist Lead Podiatrist who was given our Highly Commended Leader of the Year award.

Bryan told Nina and her fellow podiatrists "what struck me was not just the work she does inside the Trust but the desire to go out to other Trusts and bring back good ideas and practice - it's exactly what we need."

When cheered by her colleagues to give a speech Nina told us "it feels great to be recognised by the team.

I work with children and love treating my patients and seeing the smiles on their little faces. Because I work both nationally and locally the transfer of learning is great. Leeds is leading the way!"