The Thank You Event: Day Three


Improving Services Award Winner: Iona Taylor and the Adult Nutrition and Dietetic Team

CzEs1f_XUAAoxTfOur senior team continued to spread the joy this morning as Director of Operations Sam Prince and Non-Executive Director Tony Dearden visited Parkside Community Health Centre.

Dietetic Clinical Lead Iona Taylor and her team were more than surprised as their meeting had some last minute arrivals...

Their work was nominated by Quality Improvement Facilitator Debbie Flintham who wanted to recognise the way they have continued to improve and innovate the service through three recent projects led by Iona.

A visibily moved Iona thanked the whole team and told the room "When I have an idea you don’t beat me down, you just go with it”.

“I love making change happen. It’s about having an attitude that says yes. It’s about taking some calculated risks and being with people who support you and are okay with that.”

We were also joined by Trust member and patient Mark Parry who assisted in judging this year's awards and wanted to take part in presenting. Mark told us: "I just wanted to get involved because I'm keen to make sure people are recognised for the good they do, as opposed to the negative that we often see in the NHS."

Patient Care Award Winner: Palliative and End of Life Care Team

FAE420E2-CCCA-4903-B209-1AB186D37A49We finished Day 3 of the Thank You Event with a trip to Wheatfields Hospice to surprise our Palliative and End of Life Care team.

The team were nominated twice for the impact they have made improving Palliative and End of Life Care in community settings and ensuring that, wherever possible, patients' wishes at end of life are met.

Asked about their work, the group said "it's rewarding knowing you've done the best you can for a patient."

"Our role has changed and we have developed a new policy and training so that holistic care is at the heart of what we do."

Sarah McDermott, Acting Palliative Care Lead, and one of the colleagues who nominated the team told the group "it's a pleasure to manage you all."