The Thank You Event Day Five


Team of the Year Winner: Spinefit+

sfIt was over to St George's Centre this morning as the Spinefit+ service gathered together for what they believed to be an impromptu meeting. Little did they know Chief Exec Thea, Chair Neil, and Trust Member Tim Gilling were waiting around the corner to declare them the first winner of our two Teams of the Year!

The team were nominated by Clinical Pathway Lead Mandy Young for the way, during a period of extensive change, they have never lost sight of their overall aim to enable clients to live a better life with their pain.

Jakera Patel, Administrator said:

"We’re a small but very supportive team. We all look out for each other – whether it’s getting a tissue for a patient who is crying or being there for each other, there is a real sense of everyone in it together. The service is often the last line for a lot of patients who have tried everything else to manage their pain, so to see people leave with a smile on their face after attending an appointment is a good feeling."

The whole team were visibly delighted and the clinical staff were keen to ensure their administration colleagues were equally recognised as the 'unsung heroes' of the team.

Team of the Year Winner: School Immunisations Service

CzPuuG3WIAERhSTOur last - but by no means least - Thank You Event award took us back to St Mary’s this afternoon where Deputy Director of Nursing Steph Lawrence and Non-Executive Director Elaine Taylor-Whilde dropped in on the School Immunisations Service.

Our second Team of the Year winner delivers the NHS England immunisation programme to 47 high schools. But it was their work last year with Public Health England to contain an outbreak of Hepatitis A that impressed our judges and saw 97% of pupils and teachers in the targeted school vaccinated over five days. It’s no wonder the team have the second highest immunisation rate in England.

Team Leader Michelle Kite said "We all pull together when we need to. We all muck in and get the job done."

Operational Lead for East Northeast School Nurse Teams and Immunisation team Anne Connor told us:

“The team endeavour to ensure that all NHS England targets are met and have offered community clinics to children and young people who for any reason did not receive their immunisation. They are a very supportive team and when I asked them to help with the HEP A immunisation programme over a weekend they all offered.

They are professionals in the delivery of the service and always ask schools for evaluations to identify any areas for improvement.”