The Thank You Event: Day One


The Thank You Event 2016 is now underway! Our Senior Team will be visiting bases across the Trust all week saying ‘thank you’ to teams and colleagues judged to be shining examples of our magnificent staff behaviours.

Leader of the Year Winner: Janet Addison


Cy6QOqaWgAAJRhtIt was surprises all round this morning as Janet Addison, Head of Service for CAMHS and Speech and Language Therapy, was crowned winner of our Leader of the Year award.

Our Chief Executive and Chair crashed Janet's meeting to present her with a hamper of goodies, a Thank You cake and a certificate.

Put forward by colleagues who were desperate to see Janet's face on the day, their nomination said 'she is a role model who takes responsibility, keeps her promises and is prepared to say what she thinks.'

Janet invited her team members to join her celebration and told us 'it's never about one person - it's about the amazing team'.

And her team is what she loves most about her role, as she told us 'it's really lovely to work with such dedicated teams in both Speech and Language Therapy and CAMHS.'






Colleague of the Year Highly Commended: Victoria Douglas 


Cy6r0VCWgAEPs3DOur party arrived back at Stockdale House this afternoon to meet the Highly Commended Colleague of the Year.

Head of Business Intelligence Victoria Douglas may have been expecting a 121 at 1.30pm this afternoon, but she got a bit more than she bargained for!

Victoria was nominated by Liz Hindmarsh who wanted to thank her and the team for their 'invaluable support' to the Adult Business Unit. Liz said 'her work and insight will have direct improvements on patient care.'

Colleagues across Leeds might not consider Stockdale House one of our most lively bases, but Thea made sure to gather the crowds to cheer Victoria on.

When quizzed on the best thing about her role, Victoria told us that 'as well as the amazing people I work with, I really enjoy the challenge and variation of the role. It keeps me occupied and gives me lots of puzzles to solve!'