Thanks a bunch Angela!

October’s Thanks a Bunch award went to Angela Shearer, Senior School Screener/Audiology Assistant, for demonstrating our Trust behaviours of Caring for one another, Making the best decisions and Leading by example.

Angela was surprised by Thea Stein, our Chief Executive, on Thursday 15 November during her 1-to-1 with manager Vicky Hodgson, Paediatric Audiology Team Leader, at Armley Health Centre.

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Whilst driving between work places, Angela spotted a member of the public on the floor. After stopping her car to offer help, and after assessing the situation, she realised the man was no longer breathing.

She quickly started CPR and managed the situation by asking a passer-by to call an ambulance whilst continuing to do CPR for a further 8 minutes until the ambulance arrived!

Vicky nominated Angela for the award in October; she said: “Angela is not ‘medically trained’, however, she took the initiative to use the CPR skills she has learnt from annual sessions at Leeds Community Healthcare and potentially saved this man’s life!”

During the presentation, Thea said: “You had done the CPR training which says a lot about you, and were able to use it when it was needed most. Even though this was something that happened away from work, it shows what a fantastic person you are and we are thrilled that you are with us at LCH.”