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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to talk in front of other people?

All sessions on the classic programme are 1:1 so you and your child will not need to talk in front of other people. If your child is primary school age the parent sessions are group based, however if you are particularly anxious about groups we can arrange for your to be seen 1:1. Call the office to discuss any specific needs you may have.

Will my child be on a diet?

Watch It is NOT a diet club. Our ethos is that ‘diets don’t work’ and that small lifestyle changes are more important. We also promote family changes so your child is not struggling to make changes on their own.

Do I have to attend every week?

Yes! A weekly commitment is required during the initial 16 weeks of the classic programme and during the 10 week healthy families programme. This is to support you and your child make changes. Please make sure you are ready to commit.

What activities do you do?

Watch It offers 60 minute activity sessions at a cost of £1.60 (with Breezecard) these sessions are focused on having FUN whilst increasing confidence, skills and fitness. The aim of these sessions is to introduce children to being active outside of school as a stepping stone into accessing other recreational activities.

Feedback - what families say

“Focusing on all that is positive has helped me believe that I could make changes and maintain them afterwards”

“It has been very good for the whole family.  We have changed our lifestyle to a healthier one.  I have enjoyed participating and coming.”

“I am glad came because i have made friends. That was one of the things that i was nervous about when i first joined Watch It but now I am growing in confidence”.

“Every week I look forward to going to the group.  It is easy to look after my girls with the information I receive even though I cannot read or write. It is somewhere to come and talk and share”.

(via interpreter for non-English speaking parent).

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