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Tuberculosis (TB) Service

The Tuberculosis (TB) Liaison Nursing team is a specialist service offering advice and support on all aspects of TB to people of all ages throughout Leeds.

As part of Leeds Community Healthcare we work in partnership with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Public Health England to ensure a seamless service for patients in Leeds.

Our work involves support and advice for all newly diagnosed individuals with TB, and provides ongoing support at home and in clinics throughout treatment. We arrange screening for people who have been in contact with TB cases depending on the infectivity of the case.

We receive a list of newly registered GP patients who have arrived from areas of the world where TB rates are higher than 150 cases per 100,000 population (as defined by the World Health Organisation). They are then invited to contact us for an appointment for TB screening.

All will have had a chest x-ray in their own country prior to travelling. This chest x-ray would only identify TB in the lungs and not Latent TB infection. Latent TB can be detected by a blood test or skin test which is what we offer for new entrant TB screening and treatment may be offered to prevent this becoming active. 

We respond to queries on all aspects of TB from professionals and the general public.

TB screening is free, TB treatment is free!

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