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The Pain Cycle


Persistent pain may lead to frustration, anger and can cause depression.

Relationships with family and friends can become strained. You may be less sociable as going out results in more pain, leading to less enjoyment so you stop going out.

Your sleep pattern becomes affected either by the pain waking you up or through lack of daily routine or worries running through your head. You become tired and irritable and may end up taking more medication for the pain as well as tablets to help you sleep.

Whatever you try doesn’t seem to help.

If you relate to this then you could be stuck in the Pain Cycle.


At SpineFit+ we can help you break this cycle.

By dealing with one or more of the issues in the Pain Cycle the less of an impact they will have on your life. This in time will allow you to break out of the Pain Cycle and live a better life despite the pain.

For more information and advice on understanding and managing your pain, take a look at some of these useful links.

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