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Soothing the stress of pain

spinefitStress, being worried and anxious about pain or various life issues can often mean even more pain.

Pain is really stressful on your body and your mind. Your stress can make the body feel tense, muscles and joints feel stiff and tight, cause neck and head aches, poor sleep and changes in appetite.

The stress of pain can affect your thinking with unhelpful and repeated worried thoughts such as; catastrophic or disaster thoughts like “what if this happens”. This can all make you feel very anxious and on edge. It can then be tricky to focus on making helpful changes to lessen stress and pain. There are many ways to lessen anxious feelings and thoughts and have less stress due to pain.

It helps to learn to unwind the body and mind through relaxation. This can help to soothe the stress feelings and reduce some pain. Try the relaxation exercises suggested below and explore the links to the stress, and anxiety resources:

  • Pain CD - You can find some really useful tracks and help on sleeping and relaxation on this free downloadable CD 'Living with Chronic Pain'
  • Touchstone - Touchstone provides a range of innovative services that improve health and wellbeing
  • Pisces Fishing - Pisces enables adults with mental health problems to experience the therapeutic benefits of the natural environment. This has been shown to reduce stress, lift mood and improve self worth

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