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Pacing and flare ups


Pain can affect how you manage your activity in a day. It is very common to fall into an unhelpful trap of a “boom” and “bust” pattern.

On days with less pain you can find yourself saying “I must get this, that and even this done before pain increases again.” Sometimes only pain or tiredness stops you. Then you find you have a severe pain flare up, feel exhausted and have to rest for hours or even days until the pain levels reduce.

This pattern of activity leads to being stuck in the vicious circle of pain and is demoralising.

SpineFit+ can help you to find your personal balance of activity, breaks and relaxation. Changes with activities done in different postures and places can boost confidence as you are able do more of the things in life you want.

This video explains the boom and bust cycle and how patients manage to deal with it:



Flare ups

Setbacks, sometimes also called pain flare ups, happen and are part of living with pain. Flare up plans and taking action early in a flare up means fewer setbacks and they can make them much shorter and less painful.

Spotting triggers like overdoing things, having another illness or flu like infections or experiencing upsetting or stressful life issues are typical reasons for flare ups. It can be useful to make a note of what caused the setback, and also what you did to help you get over it

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