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Low mood and depression

Share your Concerns

Share with your GP or other health staff about your mood difficulties or feeling low about your pain. It is common to feel down about the way pain affects you and your life. This can change for the better and there are lots of different options from self-management skills, antidepressant medication to talking therapies.

Remember that old saying.. ‘a problem shared is a problem halved.’ It helps to talk as this helps you to share your problems due to your pain and your sadness. It helps you to explore real hopeful possibilities for the future and find a different and positive way to manage your life better with pain.


Antidepressants can really help improve your mood, motivation and sleep and reduce negative thinking patterns. They can take four to eight weeks to make helpful changes to improve enjoyment and reduce low mood. They are neither addictive nor do they cause dependence. You need to take them as a six to twelve month course. This is to make sure the benefit lasts with less chance of relapses. Taking them for shorter times may mean more relapses. More information on depression, medications and treatment for depression can be found here.

Primary Care Mental Health

The Leeds Community Healthcare Primary Care Mental Health team is part of the national Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme and offers assessment and short-term psychological treatment and support for anyone over the age of 17 in Leeds. Find out more about the partnership and how to refer here >>

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