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Dealing with unhelpful thoughts

Frustration, fear and anger or being irritable are all common if you are in pain.

There can be many reasons for feeling these moods and getting angry, and wound up. This is made worse by the tension and adrenaline in the body released as a result of pain. People who are close to you; family, friends and people you work with, need to understand this to help them cope with your mood changes.

Find ways of managing the anger through relaxation. Easy to learn on the spot breathing exercises to relax the mind and body can help control these feelings. Being aware of them and understanding why they happen can also help you manage these episodes in a better way.

People living with pain have found relaxation a very useful coping tool. Try to learn two different relaxation techniques. 

Then, if helpful, try to use one or both of them most days of the week for several weeks to discover if they lessen the stress of pain, reduce tension and reduce tiredness.

The following links could provide some useful information on learning new relaxation techniques and coping with anger and mood:

  • Mind Leeds - Mind aim to help people build on their strengths, overcome obstacles and become more in control of their lives and the services they deliver are built around what they need. They support people to discover their own resources to 'recover' and to live life independently with their mental health condition
  • Inkwell Arts - Inkwell is a safe, creative and accessible space where passion and skills entwine, challenging the stigma of mental health and celebrating the diversity of its participants
  • Breathworks - Breathworks provides courses, products and teacher training in mindfulness-based pain and illness management.
  • The Happiness Trap - The Happiness Trap is a unique and empowering self-help book that will enrich your life and fundamentally transform the way you handle difficult thoughts and painful feelings.

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