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Neurological Rehabilitation Service

Our Community Neurological Rehabilitation Service (CNRS) offers specialist multi-disciplinary rehabilitation to adults with neurological conditions.

The service provides assessment, advice, therapy, treatment and offers advice and support to family, carers and other professionals.

The objectives of the service are to:

  • To provide specialist rehabilitation focused health interventions via interdisciplinary assessment and treatment programmes.
  • To alleviate or reduce impact of specific impairments or complications associated with neurological conditions
  • To provide an appropriate level of support for people to gain, retain and/or regain independence and function

CNRS is a multi-disciplinary service comprising of occupational therapy, nursing, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, dietetics, rehabilitation assistants, consultants in rehabilitation medicine, clinical neuro-psychology and administrative support. We work with a range of social care, housing, education, leisure, voluntary services; as well as other health care providers. The service comprises 3 teams:

  1. The Community Neurological Rehabilitation Team: aims to provide rehabilitation in a community setting, this can include home, leisure or community facilities, work place, educational facilities or a healthcare setting. The team offers rehabilitation in order to optimise function, participation, quality of life and independence. This includes support for young adults with neurodisability making the transition from paediatric to adult services.
  1. The Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team: provides a 7 day service, delivering early stage specialist rehabilitation in the community for a 6 week period for patients. The team aims to reduce hospital stay, maximise rehabilitation potential and improve quality of life for people following a stroke and their carers. Providing specialist early stage rehabilitation for people with a clinical diagnosis of stroke or subarachnoid haemorrhage coming into the community from hospital within 12 weeks of onset of stroke. Referrals are only accepted from the discharging hospital.
  1. The Community Neurological Rehabilitation Centre: The regional inpatient unit provides multidisciplinary rehabilitation through planned short stay admissions for people with complex needs due to a neurological condition, who are medically stable. The centre also offers a day service for people who need more intensive multidisciplinary input than is available in the community but who do not require overnight admission.

We aim to provide an excellent service user and carer experience.  We work in partnership with our service users to deliver a patient-centred, high quality service, and aspire to deliver a helpful and friendly service, treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Find out more about our referral process and criteria here.

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