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Sarah Yeomans

Sarah-YeomansCommunity Nurse

Woodsley Neighbourhood Team

What does your average day look like?
My day begins at 6.30am when I get myself and my little girl ready for the day. After dropping her off at her place of childcare I then make my way into the office to collect my list of work for the day. On average I usually visit between 12-18 people daily. This consists of visiting people in their own homes or in residential care, providing a range of complex care for patients and supporting their families and carers. The majority of the people I visit will be housebound and unable to get out to access healthcare. We also offer care to independently mobile people, for example, those receiving treatment such as chemotherapy. When my morning visits are compete I head back to the office to complete all outstanding work such as referrals, ordering of equipment, dressings and liaising with members of the wider multidisciplinary team. Daily handover is at 2pm when our cluster teams discuss the day’s visits. We discuss any changes or significant events resulting from the morning visits and seek advice of our colleagues to ensure the best possible evidence based care is being provided and the patients are safe in their homes. Around 4pm I go back out on my visits and finish the day at 6pm when I head home to spend the evening with my family.

What’s the best part of your role?
The best thing about my role is building up relationships with the patients we care for. Visiting them on a regular basis and providing individualised, holistic, person centred care to allow people to remain in their own homes. Being there to listen, offer support and make what is quite often a very difficult time that little bit easier. I find this very rewarding.

What do you find most challenging?
I sometimes find the workload challenging as there don’t seem enough hours in the day, however the support network in the Woodsley Neighbourhood Team is amazing so there is always somebody willing to help out should you need them.

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