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Janet Kelsey

Janet-KelseyNeighbourhood Clinical Assistant (NCA)

Pudsey Neighbourhood Team

What does an average day look like for you?

I will have a number of patients to visit in a  day. The day before I spend some time working out the most sensible route this around any timed visits.
I will do dressings, provide medication, empty commodes (and always remember to wash my hands!). I’ll make sure my patient has eaten, offer them a drink and generally just check everything seems  okay. I might also check their fridge, to make sure they’ve got enough food in. You never just end up doing what you’ve gone to do, but I always think ‘What if it was me? What if it was my Mum? I’d want someone to take the time to check on me too.

What’s the best thing about your role?
It’s the people. I love meeting interesting people from different walks of life. I try to have a laugh with each patient and have fun where I can – some patients just love to hear about your weekend! I might be the only person they’ll see that day so it’s really important.

What do you find challenging?
Adapting to my new role has been a challenge. I have had to build my conï¬Âdence, as I worked in  District Nursing before, but there are always people to ring and ask for help.

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