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Emma Brennan


Kippax Neighbourhood Team

What does your average day look like?
An average day for me can be very variable. I allocate and arrange care plans for my daily patient reviews and assessments and use EPR for new assessments completing the multi-disciplinary template and/or the physiotherapy template on my laptop.
We work either an 8-4pm shift or 10-6pm. If working 10-6pm, I will ideally be picking up the rapid assessments and hospital discharges. A day of patient reviews can often get pushed back because of the need to prioritise these assessments. We receive referrals from district nurses, hospitals, GPs, and social workers.

We have a varied caseload from fractures, neurological conditions, falls, reduced mobility and those requiring walking aid. Our aim is to
help our patients live safely within their own environment, aid their recovery and ensure they have the support they need. If necessary we will refer them on to other disciplines.

In our physiotherapy assessments we set realistic and achievable goals with the patient, delivering house exercise programs and working with the patients to achieve their aims.

What’s the best thing about your role?
The best thing about my role is working with my patients within their own environment. It is where they want to be so they tend to engage with us a lot more in their home and as a result it is much easier to build relationships.

What do you find challenging?
Our biggest challenge is the waiting list of patients that we have to see, whilst also managing those on our current caseload. The complexity of patients is often quite challenging. Any rapid assessments or hospital discharges we receive take priority and go straight to the top of our list, so

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