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Caroline Vickers

Caroline-VickersSenior Nurse

Neighbourhood Night Service

What does your average night look like?

There really is no such thing as an average night shift - each night presents such unique challenges. The one consistency
is that we are always busy!

I begin at 9 pm and my first job is to check for late referrals for night sitters or urgent visits and where possible allocate staff to these. The night team work remotely and from Hubs, so checking that all staff are present and safe is our next priority. From 9.30pm we take handovers from the NTs at the Hubs and then throughout the night take direct call outs from across the City. When coordinating, I triage all calls and prioritise visits whilst providing support to the nursing teams and night sitters. It is my responsibility to oversee the shift, ensure patient’s needs are met and that patients and staff remain safe throughout the night.

Good communication is crucial to our team, so maintaining accurate records, liaising with out of hours GPs, hospices and agencies, and handing over all relevant information to teams in the morning is my final job of the shift.

What’s the best thing about your role?
Being a part of such a fantastic team is the best thing about my role! I feel privileged to work with such hard working, caring and dedicated people. The service that we provide is invaluable. We often meet people in crisis or distressing situations - being able to assist and support patients and their families in such times is a privilege.

What do you find challenging?
Most of our visits are about crisis intervention so on visits we are often meeting patients for the first time. One of our biggest challenges is to gather as much information as quickly as possible whilst reassuring the patient

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