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Carol Bell

Carol-BellCommunity Matron

Seacroft Neighbourhood Team


What does your average day look like?
My day involves case managing patients with complex long term conditions. I visit them at home; assessing and reviewing according to their health and social needs. When visiting a new patient I complete a holistic assessment and I prescribe if needed; aiming to
prevent inappropriate hospital admissions.

As a Community Matron my role varies on a daily basis; I lead the daily handovers and I am responsible for the daily allocation of the team work. I lead in investigating serious incidents and present the findings at panel. I regularly meet with the District Nurse in our cluster team and together review and cleanse the caseload.

What’s the best part of your role?
I feel fortunate to work with a team who all work in an extremely busy neighbourhood; where everyone provides excellent care everyday despite always working beyond their remit. As a senior member I enjoy supporting, problem solving and providing clinical leadership to everyone in the neighbourhood team. I really enjoy case management and the satisfaction I receive from empowering patients to understand and self-manage their own health. It may only be a small change, for example able to get out to the local shop or to feel confident to attend a local luncheon club. It makes everything so worthwhile if I can help to make a change however small. My patients and their families are the best thing about my role; informing me on a regular basis how much I have improved their lives, expressing they love having a community matron.

What do you find most challenging?
The vast amount of changes that are occurring in the neighbourhood team is a great challenge. My role has also changed and I have had to adapt; as a team player I occasionally have to re-schedule my patient reviews to either co-ordinate, address problems in the team or prioritise call out visits.

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