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Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

Staying Mentally Well Through a Pandemic

Important Information

All of our group classes are now running online, and how we monitor your progress is online too. You are required to complete a mood measure questionnaire prior to each session. You will receive a text reminder and link to the questionnaires 48 hours before your session starting. You must complete your online questionnaires at least 2 hours before each session of your group to receive an invite.  

Amy, our of our class facilitators, walks you through completing the questionnaires and joining the group online in this short video...

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The Classes

The outbreak of Covid-19 has thrown up a lot of challenges since, and has been impacted the way we all feel over the last year. 

Have you been…

  • Feeling anxious about the virus and avoiding going out in public?
  • Feeling low and isolated due to restrictions and loss of contact with love ones?
  • Struggling to keep motivated and on top of things?
  • Feeling stressed about a change in roles and responsibilities in work and home life?
  • Finding it hard to balance everything and feeling frustrated?
  • Being hard on yourself and feeling you’re failing to cope with it all?
  • Reading the news and social media about the pandemic and feeling overwhelmed?
  • Feeling worried about the future, your job stability or safety?

If you recognise any of these feelings, then our ‘Staying Mentally Well Through a Pandemic’ might be the course for you.

Our group course will teach the skills to manage your mental wellbeing throughout all the changes and challenges caused by Covid-19. We cannot change what is happening in the world around us, but we can support you to learn the skills to cope. 

Week One: The Impact of COVID & Calming the Body 

In the first session you will be introduced to the team of practitioners running your course. You will then learn about cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and how it can be used to help us through the difficulties we are all facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will look at the changes the pandemic has had on our lives, and so our mental health.

We will focus on the impacts that these changes have had on our body. We are not qualified or permitted to offer any medical advice on the physical impacts of Covid-19 infections. We will, however, focus on the management of physical impacts of stress and depression on the body. 

Week Two: Getting the Most Out of Our Routines and Activities

In this session we will be reviewing how COVID-19 has impacted our daily routines and activities. We know that a reduction in our usual activities can often feed into feelings of isolation, low motivation and self-criticism; and these feelings are natural.  We will think about ways to re-engage and adapt the activities that we have lost due to the pandemic, and you will learn more about the importance of keeping a balance of activities to improve well-being. In this session we will also look at what to do when anxiety gets in the way of us carrying on with our daily lives as lockdown and restrictions start to lift. 

Week Three: Managing Worry & Problem Solving

In our third week we will be looking at worry. Worrying is normal, and we will all likely be worrying more at the moment - so we will look at the benefits of worry, when it is useful, and when it becomes more of a problem and the impact this can have. You will also learn some useful techniques to manage your worries, the ones you ca do something about and the ones that you cannot. 

Week Four: Negative Thinking & The Future

The way we think generally impacts on how we feel, and so we will look at this in more detail by exploring the common ways of thinking we all fall into which might be unhelpful to our mental health. You will be given tools to help recognise and manage some of the more critical and negative thoughts, and practice this in the session. 

Finally we will look at further support that is available to those who might need or want it and reiterate how to make the most of living a meaningful life during this pandemic.

Staying Mentally Well Through a Pandemic

Event starts: 7th Jul 2021 5:00pm

Event ends: 28th Jul 2021 7:00pm

Staying Mentally Well Through a Pandemic classes are held online.

Classes will run every Wednesday evening from 5pm - 7pm for four consecutive weeks.

Information on how the groups work, instructions for attending, and the class content can be found above. Please do not book onto multiple groups as you will only be able to attend one.

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