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Health Visiting (Early Start Service)

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Health Visitors are all trained nurses and have an additional qualification as a specialist practitioner. They all have extensive knowledge about child development and child health, parenting strategies, breast feeding, nutrition, maternal mood, and community support. They offer support with social, emotional and environmental issues that affect families.

Here in Leeds, Health Visitors work as part of Early Start Teams with Children’s Centre staff to make the early support, we give to families in their local community, more joined up and focussed around your needs.

The Health Visiting Team aims to provide:

Antenatal Visits

Often from the 30 week in pregnancy, which provides an opportunity for assessment and building a relationship by getting to know you and your family before the baby has arrived as well as making the most of a time when parents are particularly receptive to learning and to making changes.

Preparation for birth and beyond is an antenatal course offered to first time parents. The sessions are delivered by Health Visitors  Midwives and Family Outreach Workers in local Children’s Centres across Leeds.

The programme involves six sessions that will help parents to understand their baby and prepare for the physical and emotional changes for them and baby before and after birth. The themes include:

Our developing baby

Changes for me and us

Giving birth and meeting baby

Caring for our baby

Our health and Well being

People who are there for us


To find out more please ask your midwife or contact your local health visiting team

Birth Visits

Usually when the baby is about 2 weeks old which builds on the relationship developed from our first meeting and to support and develop skills and confidence in new parents by sharing information on family and child health issues.

6 – 8 Week Contact

To continue developing the relationship which allows for an open and honest exchange of information which enables parents new skills and confidence to be acknowledged and appreciated by the health Visitor, and if necessary to challenge from a position of trust and genuine respect for one another

Physical and Developmental Checks

Will be offered by the Health Visiting team normally by a Community Nursery Nurse. These are offered at 8 – 12 months and 2 -2.5 years with a participative assessment form that parents complete with their child called the Ages and Stages Questionnaire. This is a set of questions about what your child is (or is not) able to do, so that your expert knowledge is included in the conversation. For more information about completing the ASQ, please click on the link below.

What is ASQ

If your child attends an early years setting then the Early Year’s Progress Check will be combined with the development review completed by the health visiting service, when your child is 27 months - this is called an Integrated Review. For more information about the Integrated Review, please click on the link below.

Integrated Review leaflet

Individual Level of Care

Having a child comes easily to some parents, where for others the adjustments can be difficult. Health visitors work with all parents to assess the support they need and develop appropriate programmes to help give the child the best possible start in life.

In Leeds, Health Visiting, as part of the Early Start Service, is a way of delivering family focused health, early learning, care and support across Leeds. We do continue to work closely with our other health colleagues such as Midwives, GPs, hospitals and specialist support centres. Access to drop in clinics and groups that are running across the city is open to all families and most of them within children’s or health centres where other services can also be obtained.

We all aim to work in partnership with parents to promote positive parenting practice that provides the best possible outcomes for children in Leeds.

Healthy Child Programme

Health visitors lead the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) as part of the Early Start service. The HCP is the evidence-based public health programme for children and young people, which provides a range of health interventions and support, for families from pregnancy through to a child entering school after their 4th birthday. Health visitors in Leeds play a crucial role in ensuring that families get good joined up support at the start of life.


Midwives refer to the Health Visiting Service during pregnancy and we are notified by GPs and children's centres if recently moved into the local area.

You can also refer yourself to the service if your child is under 5 years of age. Find out who to contact using the postcode locator tool on the Family Information Service website.

Health Visiting Contact numbers


From the 1 November 2017 Health Visiting admin support came together from across the city into one Single Point of Access:

Health Visiting Admin
Floor 3
Stockdale House
Victoria Road

The contact number for all enquiries is – 0113 8435683.           



You can check where your health visiting team is based by visiting the Family Information Centre and entering your postcode into the Early Start Search. See link below


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