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Early Start Service feedback

Please see below some of the positive feedback we have received about the Health Visiting Service from families:

"Made me aware of other support services available in my area."

"Fantastic support and information especially regarding breast feeding and arranging tongue tie appointment"

"Gave leaflets and important information which supported me and my child."

"Health visiting is very helpful for me with the new born. I can be open to speak about my child and ask questions, especially because I come from another country therefore its great to learn the way around the babies here in the UK."

"Caring, understanding and very supportive."

"Answered all questions I had. Felt I could go to X, very caring and lets you make your own choices."

"Always friendly and caring."

"Could answer questions and provided support. I knew who and where to get it from at all times if I needed it."

"I was looked after very well"

"Breastfeeding advice. I phoned with a problem and the HV I spoke to was very thorough and reassuring."

"I am very happy with the new self-weighing clinics. Also, I am very happy with the support and advice received from staff. I think it's a good thing that the health visiting team has joined with the children's centre."

"The care was well co-ordinated from midwife to health visitor. Appointments on time."

"Referred the patient to a breastfeeding expert, X, when problems and concerns with breastfeeding , X was particularly helpful."

"Our health visitor was new to us this time as our original lady is now on maternity leave.  Where this could have worried new parents, we felt immediately comfortable and happy with an instant friendly rapport with Sue who has taken over. Thanks"

"We had a very pleasant meeting with our Health visitor. There was plenty of time to chat about our two year olds progress, and the surroundings were very pleasant. I cannot think of anything that could have been improved."

"Great to meet someone warm and understanding. Came on time and listened to everything we had to say."

"Great support with offers of extra visits."

"Helpful information always given in a respectful and kind manner. Feel the HV (X) is easy to talk to and I feel I can always contact if needed."

"I liked the text messagereminders of visits. Even though X was busy, her approach was relaxed and happy to answer any questions / offer reassurance. Wealth of information/leaflets to access"

"More visits then with first baby. Covered all important points"

"My health visitor X is very kind and knowledgeable person. The years of experience are apparent. She is a true professional and doesn't try to "push" me into anything."

"Generally supportive and knowledgeable. Provided helpful literature and some tips"

"Great advice/support especially in early weeks and months."

"The self-weigh baby clinic is an essencial and efficient way for me to track my baby's progress."

"Facility to self weigh, important for busy new mothers."

"All staff I have come into contact with were friendly and professional and very informative."

"Listened to my worries and answered all questions and gave good advice"

"Welcomed kindly and instructed how to use equipment at self weigh."

"As a first time parent with a very poorly baby the support I had through baby massage and home visits was invaluable and helped us reach the diagnosis of dairy intolerance which was the cause of my babys problems."

"On time. Friendly service. Seemed knowledgeable."

"Home visits on time. Good information provided by H.V. Keeping all appointments."

"The information thats was given was very helpful. X was also very willing to help us with our housing situation which was a big help to us."

"When I was having breastfeeding issues, I received great advice and someone visited me the next day."

"The way you communicated with both the parents and child"

"Very friendly, approachable, felt I could ask anything."

If you have used this service in the past, and would like to provide us with feedback as part of the NHS “Friends and Family Test” (FFT) please select one of the links below:

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