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Diabetes Service

Leeds Community Diabetes Service provides different aspects of diabetes care by a range of specialist healthcare professionals.

We see people with complicated Type II diabetes  to offer them and their GP support in dealing with diabetes and its complications.

The service is based in a number of health centres across Leeds so patients can access care close to their home.

Our healthcare team consists of:

  • Doctors with specialist knowledge of diabetes
  • Specialist dietitians to help you manage your diet and understand the way that food affects diabetes
  • Specialist nurses to support you with issues such as diabetes medication and lifestyle advice
  • Specialist podiatrists, who understand the problems that people with diabetes can have with their feet
  • Mental Health Practitioner – someone who can help you address any issues of anxiety or ‘feeling down’ which we know sometimes affects people living with diabetes
  • Structured education programmes for people with type II diabetes
  • Hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose) service: we accept referrals from West Yorkshire Ambulance, giving follow-up advice and guidance to those who have had an acute attack of hypoglycaemia, managed by paramedics


Your primary healthcare team may have referred you to us because: 

  • there is a concern that your long-term blood glucose levels are too high
  • you might need to think about new forms of diabetes medication
  • you may need to help your glucose control by altering your diet
  • your feet may need treatment

We will work with you to come up with a plan to help you manage your diabetes. 

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