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Oral Health Improvement Team

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The Oral Health Improvement Team promotes oral health messages across Leeds. We aim to improve the oral health among individuals with health inequalities. This is achieved by working closely with public health and professionals across the public and private sectors such as schools and care home staff.team picture

To improve the oral health of the Leeds Community, we run a number of projects to ensure that the public can access oral health messages:

  • Tooth brushing scheme in targeted schools and children’s centres.
  • Brushing for life scheme
  • Resource boxes are available to loan to schools, children’s centres, private providers, Leeds City Council staff and health care professionals.
  • Oral health champion training for health care professionals, Leeds City Council workers, child minders, early years, child minders, foster carers and key contacts who care for others
  • Annual projects – National Smile Month & Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

Accessing an NHS Dentist

To access an NHS dentist, you can visit the NHS website at www.nhs.uk and search your postcode for local dental practices in the ‘find local services section’ or you can dial the 111 service for information or for dental emergencies.

Please note: NHS charges apply for dental treatment for people aged above 18 years who do not have exemption of payment.

The Leeds Dental Institute also runs acute pain clinics every Monday to Friday at 8:30am or 12:30pm on a first come first serve basis. More patients will be seen during university term times as patients are seen predominantly by dental students. This service is also available for foreign nationals but they may need to fill in additional forms if they have not been in the country for 12 months.

The Leeds Dental Institute
The Worsley Building
Clarendon Way
0113 2440111

Please watch our 'All about that paste' video! 


 Key Oral Health Messages

  • Using a pea sized amount of family fluoride toothpaste, brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, before bed and on one other occasion e.g. the morning.
  • Limit your intake of sugar and keep sugary food and drinks to meal times only. Sugar acid can erode your teeth and cause decay.
  • It is recommended to eat three meals a day with one snack time as eating constantly can keep acid levels in your mouth high.
  • Water is the safest drink for teeth.
  • Visit a dentist regularly, every six months unless advised otherwise by your general dentist.
  • Fluoride varnish treatment for those under 18 is free and available at your local dentists (if registered).

Tooth Brushing Scheme

One of our aims is to improve dental health in children. Targeted Schools across Leeds and Children’s Centres are encouraged to sign up to our tooth brushing scheme. Each school or children’s centre that take part in the scheme would be trained in management of the tooth brushing scheme and will be provided with toothbrushes and toothpaste every term.


Oral Health Training 2019

Children and Young People's Workforce

oral health image

The purpose of the training is to equip your staff with updated oral health messages to share with your colleagues, service users, family and children.

A nominated champion from your team will attend training, who can then share what they have learnt at the session with other people.

Key topics which will be discused include:

  • Key oral health messages
  • Diet
  • Effective tooth brushing
  • Update knowledge of the diseases in the mouth
  • Visiting the dentist
  • Access to fluoride varnish for children
  • Maintaining children's oral health

Session dates:

Monday 21st January 9.30am-12pm or 1.30pm-4pm

Tuesday 16th April 2pm-4.30pm

Friday 26th April 2pm-4.30pm

Tuesday 21st May 2pm-4.30pm

Thursday 6th June 9.30am-12pm

Friday 21st June 2pm-4.30pm

Student/trainee health care professionals are also welcome to attend

If you are interested in any of our training sessions or would like more information, please email us at: leeds.smiles@nhs.net

or contact:

Oral Health Development Team,

Armley Moor Health Centre,

95 Town Street,

LS12 3HD

Tel: 0113 843 0387

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