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Workshops for Parents and Carers

Do you have a child with delayed speech and / or language development? Some children find it hard to:

  • use words and sentences
  • speak clearly
  • understand conversations
  • develop early communication skills which can affect relationships and learning

Would you like to find out more about helping your child to communicate?

Would you like a chance to meet and chat with other parents / carers whose children have similar difficulties?

We offer sessions for parents and carers of young children with delayed speech and / or language development. The courses are free for parents and carers who have a Leeds postcode and / or Leeds GP and have a child with an open referral to the speech and language therapy service.  There will be a charge for parents and carers accessing our courses who are out of the area. 

The workshops are very informal and give practical advice on helping your child and will give you the chance to:

  • Find out more about how children develop communication skills.
  • Think about the way children and adults interact together, and how this can influence children's communication development when there are difficulties.
  • Share ideas and get support from other parents and carers whose children have delayed speech and / or language development.

These workshops give parents and carers an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in an informal and supportive atmosphere. These workshops are for parents and carers only. Unfortunately, there is no provision for your child to attend and there are no crèche facilities.

Following a speech and language assessment, if appropriate, your name will be added to a waiting list for parent training workshops.  You will be offered a place on a parent training workshop via an opt-in letter.  In order to book a place please follow the directions on the opt-in letter.

Workshop Information

Details of the parent and carer workshops we offer can be found here. Parent training is provided in a variety of venues across the city.

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